Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Paper Break from Cake

All images from BritSketch.blogspot

I know I normally feature cake artists here, but a friend sent me a link to Brittney Lee's blog, and I simply had to share.  Her prints are adorable... 


Caged Birds Sing

Morning Fog
 ...but I'm particularly in love with her paper sculptures, starting off with an Edward Scissorhands tribute that's just wonderful.
Small World
 And the best part of all?  She's a Disney and Harry Potter fan.  What's not to love?
Little Mermaid

(Lookit little Harry!  With OWLS!  So adorable)

Brittney also has an Etsy shop that you should definitely check out; lots of prints, and it sounds like some of the paper carvings show up there occasionally as well.