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Stars, Stripes and Sugar

Well, it's a little bit past the 4th--but hopefully you were all out enjoying the fireworks and sparklers (or, for any non-USA readers, some lovely July weather).  I got an unexpected long weekend, so to celebrate the last few hours of vacation about some cake?

I've been seeing a couple of Jessicakes' lovely pieces popping up across the web, and they're just too lovely to not post.  From elegant silver swirls and stars...

Jessicakes this super cute number whose dots and retro-style fireworks definitely remind me of summer. 
Run on over to her blog here for more lovely cakes, plus a whole bunch of tutorials. It also looks like she's got some Craftsy classes going!

Speaking of tutorials, if you want to make a thoroughly patriotic cake, I'm going to have to recommend SugaryWinzy and her Fourth of July Flag Cake:

 Yes, there really are thirteen stripes. Unfortunately, the stars don't come baked in, but just keep a piping bag on hand during serving, and you're all set!  Find out how to make the cake on her blog, here.

Once you've got your stars and stripes down, I suppose all that's left is to top off your cake with good ol' Uncle Sam.

Cake Central's CakeADoodle
He's never looked cuter. 
Or you could always go the buttons-and-bows route:

My Cake School
That all said, however, I think the grand prize for today's Independence Day cakes has to go to Amazing Grace Cakes, who eschewed the usual patterns for an incredible I-Can't-Believe-That's-Cake rendition of William Diamond's Drum, complete with writing on the top:

Amazing Grace Cakes
...then again, it might tie with this life-sized George Washington cake.  I'll let you all debate about whether this surpasses "cake" and ventures into a whole new genre. Happy Independence Day!

By Roland Winbeckler

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