Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Spring!

It maybe be senior year, last semester, and I may have finals and exams and papers out the whazoo, but nothing brightens the day like a little bit of spring!  Little fluffy bits of new leaves on the trees, flowers everywhere I look (and some in some truly unexpected places), bright blue skies, and finally--finally--some warm weather.

So how about some spring time cakes to sweeten up all that time spent hermiting away in the library stacks?

This lovely number by Sweet Disposition Cakes definitely reminds me of spring--that top flower brings to mind all the magnolia trees on campus.  I suppose some butterflies would be nice, too...
Cakes by Tanya

Yup, like that....or this:
And then, of course, all the flowers (shh, let's not think about the accompanying pollen that a pretty bouquet like this will bring in)...
Peggy Porschen Academy
Happy end-of-April!

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