Monday, May 6, 2013


Since most of the posts, up until now, have tended to feature the cute-and/or-floral-and/or-traditional type of cakes, it probably hasn't come through that I'm a secret nerd.
And since it's May, and I'm graduating college soon (read: igaf, actively rejecting Responsible Adulthood) I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate some of my great, geeky loves in cake form.

Following up on yesterday's Labyrinth, let's enjoy another, longer 80s franchise: Alien.

Jet City Cakes
An Alien themed wedding cake--with probably the most adorable manifestations of baby Aliens that are possible. 

Of course, you could always get a small version, maybe with some fake blood-- Oh, oh yes.  Like this:

Cake O'Clock
Pretty awesome.  I've yet to find a Ripley & Alien cake, which is tragic, but I'll settle for a spin-off, Alien vs. Predator cake.
Black Cherry Cake Company
 And, goodness, if you haven't seen Alien, or the sequels, go forth my wee ones, go forth and enjoy.

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