Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Bad Case of Cake Envy

I love cakes, and I especially love these, featured on the Sunday Sweets post on CakeWrecks.  DO WANT.  All the pretty, clean lines!  The perfect colors!  And the sugar-work!  Fondant and I don't normally get along--at least, not if I'm trying to cover a cake--although I've been getting better.  It's always a little awe-inspiring to see how good it looks when it's done right.    

Sucre Coeur
I love the perfect letters and the little white beads around the bottom of the blue cake, and the mis-matched layers of this Sugerplum Cake Shop beauty.  I desperately want someone to commission a wedding cake that has layers, for lots of people, so I can have fun with something like this.  I also need to learn how to make sugarpaste flowers.  No seriously, it needs to happen.  And then ALL MY CAKES WILL BE BEAUTIFUL!!!  Muwahahahaha.

Unrelated--black, white, and spring green, or, like the one below, with a bit of gray: perfect palette.  Makes my heart go pitter-pat. 

Sweet Disposition Cakes

Gateaux Inc
Ahh, the details!!  I'm mainly in love with the bottom-most tier, because the picture resolution isn't good enough to figure out how they did that--on the side it looks like it's textured.  But the lettering is absolutely beautiful.

Blissfully Sweet

Sweet & Saucy Shop
Again--colors.  I love these brights, particularly because I think I tend to be conservative when it comes to making my own.  But the oranges!  The blues!  I love the stripe-on-stripe of the bottom tier on the above cake, transitioning to the pale, fabric-like texture on the top.  And...and.  The painting/piping on the hexagonal cake to the right--exquisite. 

I'm also especially jealous of the coordinated cake stands--man, I need to get me some of those.  For some reason, my family has never felt the need to invest in some (partially, I guess, because we keep our cakes in the fridge when not eating them, and flat plates make that process easier).  The lifted cake stands just make the presentation so much more beautiful, though.  Once I have my own place, my lovelies, I will be acquiring at least one.  If not five. 

Again, all kudos to CakeWrecks--go check out their blog, which is fantastically funny for the week of Disasters, although I admit Sundays, and all the beautiful featured cakes, are my favorite posts.

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