Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ron Ben-Israel

This man:

This man is my god. 
This man is Ron Ben-Israel, and world, just so you know, I would like to be him. 

I've been decorating cakes for as long as I can remember--although realistically, it's probably only been for ten or eleven years.  I've primarily done birthday cakes, since that's usually the only occasion that my family, ever focused on healthy eating, really needs a multi-evening dessert.  Occasionally there'll be a just-for-fun cake for a friend or teacher; only very recently have I actually had any commissions.

That said, mine are usually somewhat constrained by time, cost, and people--it's simply not realistic to do a three-tier cake for a family of four.  Especially when you consider the sorry lack of space in the average kitchen's refrigerator.

Recently, however, my dad sent me an email linking to Ron Ben-Israel's site, and while he certainly isn't my first Cake Decorator Crush, he's certainly now one of my favorites.  (Also--how have I not heard of him before?  Goodness.)

Ron Ben-Israel, you see, does these cakes.  Beautiful, beautiful cakes, and I just can't get enough.

All photos from Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

I just...where to start?  The detailing.  The ribbon work.  The flowers.  I've never had much occasion to make sugar-paste flowers, but I've been desperate to learn, and Ron Ben-Israel is rather famous for his.  And the cakes--the clean lines, the meticulous detail, the focus to make each and every one unique to the client...it just makes me dizzy. 

Even better though: he teaches.  AND takes interns.  Yes, Ron Ben-Israel teaches at the French Culinary Institute in New York.  He also has room for twelve interns a year in his atelier in Soho.  Anyways, you should go to his site and explore--particularly the cake collections and the videos of his work. 

Sweet and sugared thoughts to you all!    

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  1. Ron Ben-Israel is the master of this game! I have had a cake crush on him for as long as I can remember! To get to study under him would be a dream come true!