Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow Day

Like many people in the North East, I found myself well and truly snowed in when a certain storm arrived on Friday.

That's right.....
Cake Nouveau

Waking up that morning, we campus-bound students discovered there was an awful lot of snow. 
Alan Dunn Sugarcraft
It was the kind of day that called for a lot of building...
My Little Cupcake
...and some downhill, wintery adventures....

McGreevy Cakes

Beautiful Birthday Cakes

La Forge à Gâteaux

And afterwards, soaked and chilly, it was time to head in to imbibe some toasty treats.  Hot cocoa with marshmellows is my personal favorite.
McGreevy Cakes

Certainly, a day for warm sweaters, snow ball fights, and snuggling up with all those special people (or special books, shoutout to all those fellow bookworms) in your life.

Cake Voodoo

Stay warm and stay safe coming out of this weekend's blizzard...and start stocking up on chocolate--it's almost That Day of the year...

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