Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas Eve with Ginas Cakes!

Well here we are, the night before Christmas, the time of frantic shopping, mad wrapping, and more than a little eggnog-indulgence (or at least, so it is at my house). 

Finish up the holiday countdown (or kick off the twelve days of Christmas, depending on your celebration tendencies), how about some adorable winter delights made by Gina Rouchy?

How about a Christmas Cupcake?
Or a pudding pot, if you're a more traditional type.

I wish there were enough snow right now to actually make a snowman, but this one will do just fine in the meanwhile.  I lovelovelove the piping on the scarf and hat.

Snowman Cake
Do I spy some vanilla wafer windows?  Lovely.
Christmas Gingerbread
Another brilliant bit of knit-frosting.  You have to squint a bit, but the sparkly script on top makes for a very festive touch.

Let It Snow Cake

Sleigh Cake
What's a sleigh without the most famous reindeer of all?

Rudolph Rocks Cake
And lastly, one of the most adorable creche's I've ever seen.  Plus, look at the incredible detail around the sides!  

Bethlehem Cake

Happy Christmas everyone!  Best wishes for now into the New Year!

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