Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cake Opera Co.

I'm always falling in love with cake artists.  I first ran into Cake Opera Co at a New York cake convention, and oh, it was one of those dizzy-love-at-first-sight moments.  Run by the fabulous Alexandra Pellegrino (cake artist)

and Jessica Smith (pastry chef),

the Toronto-located shop offers a chic, elegant array of cakes and pastries.  What caught my eye about the cake design was the painting technique Alexandra uses, often drawing on textiles for inspiration.  At the convention, she sat with a swatch of fabric, hand-painting the pattern onto the side of the cake.  It's a beautiful effect. 

I'm particularly enamored of the figurine opera cakes:

The Piratess Cake
(And some of that hand-painted detailing with the ship on the side of the cake--absolutely gorgeous.)

Then there are the "Operettas," lovely sweet tables:

Bohemian Chic

Black and White
The colors!  The display!   It just all looks so good.  Other delights:

It makes me want to move to Canada. 

Want more?  Check out their website.

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