Friday, May 25, 2012

Colette Peters

What's a week without some cake love?  This week it's Colette Peters, of Colette's Cakes

I first heard about her work after receiving her book, Cakes to Dream On, for Christmas.  She has such a great range: intricately floral wedding cakes, whimsical, topsy-turvy confections, thematic cakes, and some great can't-believe-it's-cake designs.

Like lace and flowers?  How about this fabulous Sweet-Sixteen, which what I do believe is a Cinderella carriage on top.  Look at the wheels!  And all the delicate piping!  Or the all-white flowers on the second tier, against the blue...just so wonderful.

 Something a little more traditional, but in an absolutely beautiful color scheme; again, I'm in love with the piping on this, and the little flower chains around the bottom and third tier.

While a little more modern, I really love the visual simplicity of this design, especially the open bands around the bottom and fourth layers.  Such a clean, pretty detail, and all the more impressive since I can't imagine making those, or keeping them from breaking.  Lovely touches with the single center flower, and the little ones around the base. 

 No flowers, just leaves?  Not a design I would immediately think of, but I really love the whimsy, new-spring feel to this next cake.

 And then....piping.  Excuse me while I go swoon--all the little beading! Makes my heart go pitter-pat.

If piping and florals aren't your cup of tea, or you need a bit more color to your cakes, Colette also has these lovelies:

And last but not least - Colette's beautiful, beautiful buildings; check out the sugar-spun work!

All images from Colette's Cakes

Still need more?  Browse through all Colette's cakes here

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