Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Well hello, December

Well, it happened...
Despite my best intentions for October and November, school work and life and intern-y things got the best of me.  Not to say it isn't crazy now, but how about some wintery cakes to tide everyone over during Finals season?

First, this lovely lovely painted delight, by Nevie-Pie Cakes:
I'm absolutely smitten with their hand-painted style--especially having struggled to achieve a similar effect on fondant, buttercream, or chocolate with marginal success.  And--birds and berries.  What could be better?

Maybe penguins.

Frolicking penguins, from Highland Bakery.  I know, I know, the adorableness of it all just hurts, doesn't it?
Keeping with the bird theme, there's also this glittery bit of elegance by Brooklyn Cake:

If you couldn't tell, I'm rather fond of the whole bird-on-branches-with-berries theme.
Short post for now, hopefully cookies to come!

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